How we work

Our clients come to us from a diverse range of services and backgrounds. 

Following our assessment process, we work closely with our clients to prepare a detailed and holistic care plan, establishing an achievable, bespoke, weekly timetable based on their aspirations. We actively engage with carers and families where appropriate and also work with the client’s existing care team. Once the direct payment budget is approved (if applicable), we will secure a copy of the client’s care plan and incorporate this into our own, along with the client’s own thoughts, goals and aspirations. 

We dedicate meaningful 1:1 time and investment to each client in order to safely deliver optimal outcomes, employing a person-centred approach at the core of our work. EFA build compassionate and effective professional relationships with our clients, developing a long-term, user-led plan with them. This can include, for example, valued social inclusion of the client’s choosing, risk-management and crisis prevention skills, a range of therapeutic activities, 1:1 tailored support, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, self-management (e.g. recognising and responding to the symptoms of mental illness), self-awareness and resilience in order to aid the holistic recovery of a positive identity and a healthy, meaningful and enjoyable life.

In addition to the above services, we look at the wider gaps and social defects within the community by working from the social model of disability. By doing this, we are able to recognise systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society. We focus on reducing or removing the barriers which our clients face (these may be environmental, attitudinal and/or structural) and enabling them to lead fulfilling and inclusive lives within society, whilst championing choice and control. We believe that it is crucial that a person’s health and social care needs are considered in line with the social model of disability, outlining the barriers which prevent our clients from carrying out everyday activities. We can then work in a solution-focused way to identify and implement relevant interventions or adaptations in order to promote integrated living.

We recognise the vital importance of providing an accessible and safe environment for each client based on their individual needs. Physical barriers, hidden disabilities, access and adaptations are all taken into consideration and form an important part of our initial assessment process. We make sure our clients feel completely comfortable in the environments we provide.

How to access our services

You can access our services in a number of ways; through personal budgets, direct payments or self-funded avenues. You can also self-refer to our funded projects (please see our therapeutic activities information pages for full details; eligibility for each project may vary in accordance with individual funding criteria).

Equality For All is an approved provider for direct payments (please see here for further info on direct payments: We can signpost you to the relevant support if you wish to begin accessing direct payments.

We also work with clients who are self-funding their own care. We offer a bespoke service, tailored specifically to meet your needs in a creative manner.

We can provide support with access needs and travel where required. We tailor our packages to the individual needs of our clients.

We are currently liaising with local GPs and CCGs regarding becoming a named organisation for social prescribing. (Please see here for an explanation of social prescribing:

What We Do

Therapeutic Activities

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our wide range of therapeutic activities in-house.

Cycling For All

We offer therapeutic cycling sessions by utilising safe, rural spaces, bringing people closer to nature.

Eco Therapy

These nature-based interventions aim to improve mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Equine Therapy

Our equine therapy project has proven to be a successful holistic activity with numerous benefits.

Music Therapy

Our music workshops are suitable for complete beginners and those with previous experience. The workshops are taught by trained facilitators with a wealth of industry experience.

Art Therapy

Our art workshops unlock social and economic potential whilst improving emotional health and wellbeing. We provide participants with the opportunity to feel inspired.

Physical Health

We offer a diverse range of physical activities including circuit training, yoga, dance/exercise to music, boxercise, reggaecise, abs blast, team building sports and resistance training.

Self-care & Wellbeing

Our therapeutic make-up sessions and tutorials are facilitated by a qualified make-up artist. The pamper sessions are delivered by our qualified aromatherapist.

Support Us

As a social enterprise we need your help to be able to provide much needed support services; we can't do it all on our own. If you would like to help in any way you can follow one of the links below to find out more.


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